Become a Cinderella

Every lady deserves to be a princess! That means that no matter what the event, prom, graduation, gala event, or wedding, a Cinderella needs to look beautiful in a fantastic dress.

This project is meant to add a little much needed magic to a young woman that may not be able to afford a dress or gown by themselves. We also want to make their event special, by letting our Cinderella's also provide the accessories that will be the icing on the cake for their special day.

Are you a Cinderella looking for a gown to marry Prince Charming? The fairy godmothers are here to help you as well. A Cinderella in need for her wedding or event can nominate herself by sending an email to the address found below. Special consideration is given to military fiancées and wives needing the service. We also distribute dresses for formal military events.

We allow the dresses to leave our closet for one month with the hopes of it being returned soon after the event so that other Cinderella's can also experience the joy of picking out their special dress.